“My objective is to provide innovative and therapeutic ABA intervention and "fun"damental behavior support for children with specialized educational and behavioral needs.”

In 2014, I established Behavior Fundamentals, Inc. to provide quality, personalized ABA training and treatment programs to families and school districts. I’m dedicated to making my services accessible to every individual in our Hudson Valley community. My goal is to have “fun” working with children with autism and learning and developmental disabilities, while using therapeutic ABA techniques to improve their quality of life. Seeing the smiles and continuous behavioral improvements in each individual is truly a rewarding experience. 

Heather Creese

Board Certified & NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst

I have always loved working with children, which led me to pursue and obtain a Master’s degree in Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz. I have lived in the Hudson Valley my entire life and wanted to share my love of teaching within our community.

After working within a few school districts, I decided to expand my teaching to individuals with learning disabilities. Plus, having a family member with learning disabilities motivated me to advocate for individuals who needed some "extra" help.  

I started working at a non-for-profit agency with adults who had severe impairments. After seeing the benefits of ABA intervention, I was inspired to pursue a career in this innovative therapy. My post graduate studies focused on Applied Behavior Analysis from Manhattanville College, and I starting providing my services to multiple not-for-profit agencies.