What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis, commonly referred to as "ABA", is the scientific study of human behavior. Extensive studies on ABA have led the majority of clinicians and researchers to believe that it is the most effective, therapeutic method to help individuals with autism and learning and developmental disabilities improve their communication, behavioral and social skills. 

By using a combination of psychological and educational strategies to evaluate each individuals' needs, ABA can provide the following:

  • A format to measure behavior
  • Determining the purpose of that behavior
  • Effectively teaching behavioral skills, such as interacting with others, taking turns, and sharing
  • Evaluating the individuals' progress over time

ABA is effective because it breaks down everyday skills into a series of smaller steps to teach socially acceptable behaviors and responses, making it easier for the individual to learn. ABA provides continuous positive reinforcement for socially acceptable behaviors and denies reinforcement for problematic or adverse behaviors. The focus on rewarding those “good” behaviors make using ABA techniques a "fun" and enjoyable experience for children and their families.

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